23 02, 2017

Imex Green Beam LX3D in Action


The new Imex LX3DG green beam multi-line laser has a full 360 horizontal line and 2- 360 vertical lines for all alignment work.   Because of the high visibility of the hyperbright lines the LX3D green beam is one of the only line lasers capable of outdoor use up to 10m without a detector; great [...]

20 09, 2016

Imex Line Up


The impressive line-up of laser levels from Imex, ready for every professional Tradie.

9 05, 2016

New Product Release – LX25P Red Beam


The Versatile all rounder series 111 Red Beam¬†Laser has been officially released.   The new generation IMEX LX25P with class leading IMEX Laser-edge technology high definition line and dots makes this the ultimate dual purpose laser for all interior work. Combines with a magnetic bracket that also suits a number of tripod options. The LX25P [...]