By Aussies, for Aussie Tradies

By Aussies, for Aussie tradiesIn the last few months one of the reality checks that we have all had is that we are far too dependent on overseas imported goods and worse than that, many of our iconic brands are now wholly or partially owned by offshore companies that have no interest in everyday Australians other than to take our money and they pay no tax locally and put nothing back into the local communities.

Now that we have had that reality check, its time for us to re-evaluate and assess how we spend our hard earned dollars and how or whether our spending habits are contributing to the national interests and securing the future for ourselves and the generations to come.

Its well documented that local manufacturing has declined in the past three decades to under 7% of the workforce engaged in the sector and Australian companies are now looking at ways to reverse this trend. Our reliance on China as the source of manufactured goods, doesn’t sit well with most of us now and change is imminent.

No laser levels are manufactured in Australia due to the industry being too small to sustain the enormous capital outlay. However, Imex International is a global player founded and headquartered in regional Australia and our laser levels are designed by our local technicians for our harsh conditions and the company is 100% Australian owned and run.

Most other laser level brands on the market are designed, sourced, made and owned by overseas companies or are overseas brands sold by local dealers and many cheap online offerings are coming straight out of questionable agents based in China.

If you support Imex you support Aussie jobs, local networks and a company that pays its tax in Australia, so the money flows back into your hands.

Imex, by Aussies, for Aussies.