30 11, 2020

tradieCONNECT November 2020


tradieCONNECT November 2020 Tradies and Reno’s… going gangbusters! One of the great positives that has come out of the very difficult 2020 year for the construction industry is the boom in home renos. The last quarter value of all alterations and additions was up 7% which is the highest recorded level since [...]

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30 11, 2020

Why do I get “bent” lines or “dual” lines near glass?


Why do I get “bent” lines or “dual” lines near glass? Lasers being used near glass panels, glass wall, glass balustrades or windows can often play tricks on the eye with multiple lines or bent lines because of the reflection and refraction of light. Refraction is caused as the light passes between [...]

Why do I get “bent” lines or “dual” lines near glass?2020-11-30T10:10:23+11:00
18 11, 2020

Imex Pipe Laser Bonanza!


Imex Pipe Laser Bonanza! The Imex pipe laser range has been discounted ready for your 2021 infrastructure projects. Due to the long run time lithium battery, auto target tracking and heavy duty fully submersible design these are quickly becoming the drainage laser of choice.Available in red beam or green beam at participating dealers [...]

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3 11, 2020

Mini Green Beam Crossliner – Imex L2G


Mini Green Beam Crossliner – Imex L2G; the tradies quick reference laser Besides having larger and more accurate laser levels for professional tasks, every tradie needs a little mini crossliner in their kit. These are great for doing quick level ups, checking workmanship and doing quick set-ups without the extra time of [...]

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26 10, 2020

tradieCONNECT October 2020


tradieCONNECT October 2020 Laser Focus on the future…… The federal budget handed down this month by the Morrison government has taken a very responsible approach to getting the country back to its feet after the devastating effect of the pandemic. Despite leaving the country in debt for years to come, which is [...]

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20 10, 2020

Imex UK – New Distributor Appointed


Imex UK - New Distributor Appointed Imex has distributed the full range of quality laser levels into the UK market since 2014 through Measure-Quip UK who have done a great job getting the Imex brand recognised throughout the UK. Measure-Quip have divested the distributorship to concentrate on other business interests and Imex [...]

Imex UK – New Distributor Appointed2020-10-20T12:29:56+11:00
30 09, 2020

TradieConnect September 2020


TRADIECONNECT September 2020 Tool Stores Remain Open… During the disruption of the last 6 months, the construction industry has been fortunate that it has been deemed an essential service and other than some restrictions in Victoria, the industry has remained busy and resilient. All stores which stock Imex product have remained open [...]

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17 09, 2020

House Building Lifts Dramatically


House Building Lifts Dramatically New figures out this week from the Housing Industry Association confirm that the pent up demand and the HomeBuilder government stimulus program is showing a huge increase in new home sales for this quarter. Following the collapse of this particular part of the market when COVID hit in April [...]

House Building Lifts Dramatically2020-09-17T15:10:21+10:00
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