15 05, 2019

Imex i88G Timelapse Video


Coachwood Constructions in Griffith using an Imex i88G to level a new house slab. https://youtu.be/C7yFqHsIS-8

Imex i88G Timelapse Video2019-05-15T04:43:27+10:00
3 04, 2019

E60 Rotary Laser – Perfect for Farmer and DIY


E60 Rotary Laser - Perfect for Farmer and DIY Imex, the name synonymous with professional laser levelling, have produced this economy laser specifically for the farmer, DIYer or semi professional who only have occasional need for a laser level. The E60 is the complete laser package - affordable but tough! E60 Key Features: - 400m [...]

E60 Rotary Laser – Perfect for Farmer and DIY2019-04-03T03:33:11+11:00
19 03, 2019

TradieConnect March 2019


TRADIECONNECT March 2019 - Imex LX3D multi-line laser in green beam or red beam Imex has great deals in March on the range of laser levels and measuring tools. Available at all leading tool and hardware stores, the Imex Lasers are the leader on construction sites throughout the country. [...]

TradieConnect March 20192019-03-20T22:21:38+11:00
12 03, 2019

Laser Level Overview


Laser Level Overview Check out our innovative, professional laser levels for 2019. Levels for every trade and every task. Explore our range. https://youtu.be/T2aE27Gs_Uo

Laser Level Overview2019-03-12T22:23:21+11:00
1 06, 2018

The winners for the State Of Origin 1 tickets


The winners for the State Of Origin 1 tickets were: > Joel Molinari – Nth NSW – purchased laser from Get Tools Direct (Maroochydore, Queensland) > W Stewart - NSW - purchased laser from Collier & Miller   Many thanks to all those that purchased and registered for warranty one of the new Imex rotary [...]

The winners for the State Of Origin 1 tickets2018-06-01T03:38:56+10:00
23 02, 2017

Imex Green Beam LX3D in Action


The new Imex LX3DG green beam multi-line laser has a full 360 horizontal line and 2- 360 vertical lines for all alignment work.   Because of the high visibility of the hyperbright lines the LX3D green beam is one of the only line lasers capable of outdoor use up to 10m without a detector; great [...]

Imex Green Beam LX3D in Action2017-12-08T00:18:23+11:00