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Imex Demo Videos

Imex i66R Demo Video

Imex i66R Demo Video The class leader in economical rotating laser levels, the Imex i66R incorporates the robust casing and technology of it’s big brothers in an efficient simple-to-use package. Featuring a huge 400m dia range, [...]

Imex i77R Demo Video

Imex i77R Demo Video The Imex rotating laser level range has been specified by our construction trained team, designed by industry professionals and proven in all conditions to perform a vast range of levelling tasks in [...]

Imex i88R & i88G Demo Video

Imex i88R & i88G Demo Video With self-levelling, grade slope function, scan mode, horizontal and vertical, remote controller and 9Ah lithium-ion mm Digital Detector battery the Imex range represents excellent value with versatile capabilities for a full range [...]

Imex i99R Demo Video

Imex i99R Demo Video For the ultimate in accuracy and versatility, the new IMEX i99R laser level offers everything that the contractor and tradesman needs in a rotating laser level. The auto dial in grade, allows for a % or [...]

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