Imex – IR650 Applications

The Imex IR650 Infrared thermometer is for industrial use surface applications with a with temperature range from – 50°C to +650°C, With a 2% accuracy it is excellent for any material surface and including steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, plastics, timber, glass, fiberglass, asphalt and paper products.

During the current COVID19 crisis the Imex IR650 is being widely used as a suitable indicator of human temperature, however due to to its wide temperature setting it doesn’t have the precision for medical grade thermometers being accurate to approx. +/- 1° @ 36°C. If used as an indicator and the reading is suspected to be high, the temperature MUST be verified using a medically certified thermometer.

Imex takes no responsibility for the use of the IR650 outside of the parameters and applications as detailed and for full specs download the PDF on