The new Imex laserEDGE technology LRZ100 Laser receiver takes site preparation and levelling to a new level of accuracy. Measure each increment in mm with a huge 130 detection range, the LRZ100 also comes with the unique option of use with both red or green beam rotating lasers.


  • Mm display +/-45mm
  • Large 130mm reception window
  • 3 Accuracy Settings 1mm, 5mm, 9mm
  • Dual Face LCDS
  • Compatible with Red or Green beam lasers

Imex LRZ100 Benefits

  • Achieve higher accuracy levelling
  • Set measurements to suit accuracy requirement
  • Wider pick-up of all red or green beam Class 11 or Class 111 lasers

If you have any questions or require more information about the Imex LRZ100 Rotating Laser Receiver please contact our office on 1800 669 110.