The irrefutable evidence of the need for quality equipment

In the last two years the spotlight has been well and truly shone on shoddy workmanship and build quality issues, especially in some high-rise apartment buildings where builders, developers and certifiers have engaged in cost cutting and generally unprofessional building practice.

The Opal Tower and the Mascot Towers situations are well documented, however alarming statistics show that the problems are widespread and rife in all areas of building including high rise, infrastructure building, new home building and renos.

The irrefutable evidence of the need for quality equipment…18% of all building work must be re-done or reworked… Profits going down the drain!

As a result of the problems that have surfaced with build quality the governments are starting to analyse the effect of this on both the consumer and the economy.

Late last year the NSW Government appointed legendary project manager, Mr David Chandler to the role of Building Commissioner who has increased powers legislated this month, to withhold occupation certificates until rectifications have been carried out to the departments satisfaction and he has also been given powers to blacklist repeat building offenders whether they are big corporates or small builders.

On a Procore Technologies webinar earlier this month Chandler pointed out that across the industry 18% of work is redone due to poor workmanship. With the construction industry being the Australia’s largest industry by employment and one of the main GDP contributors at over $200b per annum, the costs to company profits and the economy are enormous.

There is multiple reasons for this pathetic statistic which all builders, big or small need to be aware of, and if they are conscious of having problems in this area it needs to be addressed immediately to regain consumer trust and increase bankable profits.

Some of the reasons for these slipped standards are the use of inferior materials often from shoddy overseas suppliers, staff incorrectly trained, less money spent on grassroots apprenticeship training, poor vetting of sub-contractors prior to engagement, poor use of digital technology, tight deadlines and short cuts in compliance areas and last but not least poor and inaccurate tools and equipment.

It is imperative that everyone in the industry becomes more accountable and transparent and that the pride in workmanship that the majority of builders have is the standard for all.

The path to better accuracy… a trades quality laser level.

A small but super important piece of equipment in any building project is the use of accurate levelling equipment, whether it be a laser level, spirit level or digital level.

In the past few years the variety of tasks that can be performed more professionally, accurately and efficiently with a laser level has increased dramatically with new technology creating new style laser levels that fit the brief for so many operations. With green beam lasers, multi-line lasers and rotary lasers there is one for every trade and tradesman who use the best laser level they can afford are guaranteed accuracy.

Unfortunately, with the increase in models there has also been an increase in “El -cheapo” inaccurate cheap laser levels that have flooded the market from dodgy overseas agents, especially online, and many builders have been tempted to save a dollar and purchase these inferior products.

A laser level is an instrument…

A laser level is a sensitive piece of equipment that needs to be manufactured to exacting standards with fine tolerance, correct and accurate diodes, levelling systems and circuit boards in order to perform in harsh environments accurately and effectively every day.

An out of level job is a sure way to lose big money and is a contributor to costly rectification and shoddy workmanship. Coupled to this is that most of the cheap imported laser levels are inaccurate over even short distances,” throwaway” and can’t be recalibrated, have unsafe class 111 laser diodes to look bright and have no warranties.

Consumers are demanding excellence…

There are displays of excellent workmanship on show on social media and in the press every day and consumers are demanding this quality in their projects. They have also seen and read about the adverse publicity in the construction industry and are very aware of the fact shoddy workmanship is present and they are demanding professionalism with their tradies.

This includes personal presentation, presentation of vehicles, plant, and equipment, as well as qualifications, training, experience, know-how, supply and material compliance and certifications.

Having good tools and equipment from reputable brands, including Imex laser levels goes a long way towards gaining the confidence of a consumer who is now savvier and more knowledgeable; and accurate workmanship without rework puts dollars straight on your bottom line!