tradieCONNECT October 2020

Laser Focus on the future……

The federal budget handed down this month by the Morrison government has taken a very responsible approach to getting the country back to its feet after the devastating effect of the pandemic.

Despite leaving the country in debt for years to come, which is an unavoidable, knock-on from the abrupt economic downturn; the government is rightly spending money to turn the economy around with the least amount of pain for everyone.

Key take-away’s for the construction sector that will help spur on growth are:

  1. Tax cuts for almost all workers.
  2. Asset write-off for almost all businesses.
  3. Increases in the number that can apply for First Home Loan Deposits.
  4. Increased infrastructure building strategically targeted right across the country.
  5. Schemes to increase incentives to take on apprentices.

This is a pro-active, confidence boosting budget for businesses, designed to regenerate jobs growth and get money flowing back into the economy in a responsible manner.

Imex UK – New Development

Imex has distributed quality laser levels into the UK market since 2014 and this month a new distributor was appointed, AsproTools, who will continue the good work that Measure-quip UK have done.

AsproTools have affiliations with some of the largest tool wholesales in the UK and we wish them all the best in the future. All the Imex laser levels are developed in Australia for the global market and Imex is fully owned in Australia.

By Australians, for Australians, Supplying the world.

UK Toolfare

i99R Demo Video

The top of the line auto dial-in grade Imex i99R now has a dedicated demo video showing its array of features and functions. For contractors that need to set grade slopes this model is the ultimate in time saving, efficiency and accuracy.

Ideal for:

  • Civil Earthworkers
  • Drainage Plumbers
  • Landscapers
  • General builders

This laser also combines well with the MR240 and MR360 Machine Control Receivers. These receivers fit via magnet or clamp to excavators, skid steel loaders or graders with wide pick-up bands and extra time savings for genuine one-man operations, level up, without leaving the cab.

Tool of the Month – E60 Rotary Laser Kit

The economical laser for serious DIYers and professionals who only occasional use for a rotary laser.


  • 300m range
  • 3 year warranty
  • Tripod and 2m staff
  • All in hard carry case

From $699 – At leading tool and hardware stores.

Imex Training

Whilst group training and training days like the one pictured have been curtailed for most of 2020, the team at Imex continues to find ways to educate, assist and help tradies and their apprentices choose the best equipment and get the best out of that equipment.

For more info be free to call 1800 668 110 or visit the website.

Mildura TAFE

Thought of the month

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Neale Donald Walsch