TRADIECONNECT September 2020

Tool Stores Remain Open…

During the disruption of the last 6 months, the construction industry has been fortunate that it has been deemed an essential service and other than some restrictions in Victoria, the industry has remained busy and resilient.

All stores which stock Imex product have remained open and have in place the now well accepted social distancing measure, and many have also pivoted well with online purchasing and click and collect server available to their customers.

As a supplier Imex are supporting stores with extra virtual training and training videos, and our customer call line in open to end users for pre-sale and after sale recommendations, advice and technical support.

Contact 1800 669 110

iSeries Rotary – Now with FREE extra battery

The 5 model flagship Imex rotary laser range has now been updated for 2020 and includes a second 9Ah lithium battery. The standard run time from a red beam is 40hrs and with the spare battery the operator can now get 80hrs run time before charging again, if necessary.

The updated models also include an even heavier duty laser diode cover for extra shock and bump protection. These were released in July and are now available at all leading tool and hardware stores.

Imex Battery

Red Beam v Green Beam

The human eye sees green four times better than it sees red and therefore the relative distance that the laser line or dot projects seems further and brighter if it is green. This equates to better performance over longer distances and hence improved accuracy from a green beam diode.

Which laser suits my task, red or green beam?
Overall a green beam laser is now the optimum choice for all trades that are predominately undertaking internal tasks. For builders that do a variety of indoor and outdoor tasks a green beam is the best choice.

A red beam laser with a detector is still the preferred choice outdoors and can also be teamed with a machine control receiver which attaches to a skid steer loader or excavator.

In summary the general classifications for trades to beam choice is:

Red Beam – Earthmovers, landscapers, concreters, drainage plumbers, civil contractors, steelworkers

Green Beam – Building contractors, all internal trades, tilers, electricians, plumbers, interior designers, glaziers, painting and decorators.

Tool of the Month – R1000

The heavy duty fiberglass Imex R1000 and the digital readout version, the R1000D are used by councils and civil contractors throughout Australia, renown for their robust design for use in hard conditions.

  • 10,000m range
  • Easy fold down
  • Trigger brake
  • Backpack canvas bag

Quote of the month

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”

Ralph Waldo Emerson